Our Story

A long time ago, In a land far away, a Mexican-American family dreamed of living, farming and raising their family at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains, South of the Border. In 1885 their dream became a reality, and Mexico became home to the Jones family. Six Generations have passed and the warm, family-oriented culture of Mexico has forever been ingrained in their hearts. Today Kelly and Rachelle Jones continue to farm and ranch in "El Valle De Casas Grandes"  honoring the tradition and culture of Mexico by enjoying time together as a family; whether its gathering in cool evenings in the garden, visiting their ranch in the nearby mountains, or savoring a delicious family dinner together. 

Mexican Vanilla has always been loved by the Jones Family.  Victoria, often using it as perfume during her high school years.  While home, in Mexico, recovering from a car accident, many years later, Victoria began creating the idea of Casa Bella Vida.  She is now married with a new baby, while Kelly and Rachelle continue to build the company.  

Casa Bella Vida is more than just a business, it is the life of The Jones Family, who believe in "Beautiful Things for a Beautiful LIfe."