What is Traditional Mexican Vanilla?

Traditional Mexican Vanilla is an essential part of the distinct taste and smell of a country full of tradition and culture. This vanilla is found in Paletas (Popsicles), Flan, Fresh Aguas and Mexican hot chocolate just to name a few of the wonderful foods that Mexico is know for. Casa Bella Vida Traditional Mexican Vanilla is made with naturally occurring vanillin. The vanillin brings a distinct smell along with a full, rich and smooth flavor. Casa Bella Vida Traditional Vanilla can be used in any recipe that would call for vanilla, so it is both versatile and delicious. Our Traditional Mexican Vanilla is free of Coumarin, is low in alcohol content, and is registered with the FDA. It contains no artificial colorings, and is gluten free. Flavor and Quality are of utmost importance to the Casa Bella Vida family of products. We are proud to share our Traditional Mexican Vanilla from our beloved Mexican home to yours.

We have chosen not to add artificial colorings to our vanilla. 

We do not! They are pesticide free!

Follow these rules to have an indefinite shelf life!

1. Store with the lid on!

2. Store in dark places like your cupboard or pantry!

3. Store at room temperature! Think... is it too hot in here for me? If so then it's probably too hot for a lot of your food items, including the vanilla! 

And you're set! When any of these factors are tempered with, we can't guarantee the life of the product but when stored properly, this vanilla can become part of the family! 

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