Valentines Day Traditions and a Shirley Temple

Oh how we love Valentine's Day!  It's a holiday our family have had a great time celebrating.  All thought the years we have held tight to traditions we started while our family was very young.  It's amazing to me how, even as adults, they count on these sweet traditions and are now passing them on in their own families.  So fun!

Traditions are a big part of our family culture.  They have been a beautiful part of connecting as a family.  Let's talk a little about family traditions.  What is a family tradition? Why are traditions important?  Do traditions have to be complicated? How can I begin my own family traditions?

A tradition is some type of behavior or activity that is done repeatedly to enforce belonging in a group, a sense of identity or to mark significant events that are meaningful in a family.  Dinner time is a tradition in our family.  This is when we reconnect as a family after a long day of school, or work.  Where we share our best things and our worst too.  It's where we learn how we can better love and help one another.  There are always some nights that activities will get in the way, but maybe we make sure that Wednesdays and or Sundays are untouchable!  It won't be long that your family will not only no resist family dinner but it will become a place of refuge for them.  We have loved using the "special plate" for a family member who may be celebrating some achievement, or simply need a little extra love.

Valentine's Day Traditions are the best!  Our favorite and longstanding is our "Heart Attack" doors or walls.  We use heart post it notes and each person in the family writes something kind about the other family members each morning before they leave home for the day.  We begin on February 1st and end on Valentine's Day.  We have had some of the most fun experiences with this tradition. Lot of love and lots of laughs have been shared.


Traditions in families form an important part of your social structure and even contribute to your sense of identity. They can come from your country's culture, your religion, or even your family itself.  And we have a little of everything.  Some of our most beloved traditions come from the culture in which we live, Mexico, and some have been passed through our families for many years.  Each one is treasured and has been a contributor to our family culture.

Valentine's Day for us looks like this.  A special breakfast, and a small gift for each child.  Because lunch is away from the family, sweet notes packed in lunches with an extra treat worked well for us. Family dinner on Valentine's Day is special.  We love artichokes so those are most often served with a steak, unless there has been a special request, and always ending with a yummy dessert.  A beautifully set table with special plates and glass goblets make it extra special.  We have loved making Shirley Temples!  They make everything special.

Traditions don't need to be elaborate of complicated.  In fact simplicity is best.  They also don't need to cost much, or anything at all.  Use what you have.  Get out those special dishes you have been saving for the right moment!  The right moment is now!  And start today...this very day.  

Happy Valentine's Day from our family to your!